The Pokemon Database

From Abomasnow to Zygarde


What are you doing?

Killing time, mostly. But I was curious to introduce Pokémon into our world and see what would happen. I’ve done away with the regions we know and love and put down all the Pokémon onto Earth and tried to play around with the idea of how that would go down.

So you’re just looking at the Pokémon, right?

And many other things besides. I’ll be taking a look at how history changed because of the inclusion of Pokémon. I’ll be moving the gym leaders to contemporary cities and redrawing the lines that determine a league. I’ll be discussing what Pokémon were favoured by everyone from Alexander the Great to Elizabeth II. I’ll be relaying which Pokémon are associated with which countries, and where they can be found in this new landscape. And I’ll be throwing up information on how things like fire stones or metal coats came into existence.

It’s all entirely non-canonical to the original series, but works on its own plane for me here.

Do Pokémon act the same here as they do in their own universe?

For the most part, yes. I’ve made a few changes, such as only allowing fully evolved Pokémon to breed (although they can still pair up in a whole host of bizarre ways thanks to science) and I’ll avoid discussing “levels” wherever possible. People in this world also tend not to have hundreds of Pokémon, instead rarely owning more than six that they train throughout their lives. Also, different countries will have different starters and different ways of training. For example, in Japan Pokémon trainers can set off into the world alone from the age of ten; in the UK it’s eighteen.

So you don’t use the words Kanto, Johto, etc anymore?

Not strictly true. I have transmuted them into the surnames of the seven (so far) scientists who set about finally creating a complete database of all the Pokémon that existed. Each of them had favourites and was rather patchy in the work, however, so it was only among them that the full set was completed. They are an international bunch: Alfonso Kanto of Spain, Ren Johto and Jitsuko Sinnoh of Japan, Phoebe Hoenn of England, Mia Kalos of France, and James Unova and Moani Alola of the USA (Texas and Hawaii, specifically).

So who are you?

I’m a Pokémon trainer from England. My favourite Pokémon is Victreebel. I prefer Poison and Bug types. I’ll be filling this website up.